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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cuban Actor/Model-William Levy

        I'm not posting this because I'm 1/4th Cuban, I'm posting this because FUCK LOOK AT HIM!

Sean Subs

Yeah he's fem, yes he's girly, yes he's more then a little self obsessed, yes I know a lot of gays are really turned off by this type of gay, but that's why the gay flag has many colors, there is room for everyone Plus I find him really cute especially out of makeup...basically I'd bend him over like a cheerleader.

Cute Guys Dancing

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice Cream Song...Russian Dude Version.

Open Rant Cruel to be kind

I have a lot of things on my mind lately, mostly to do with school and family. It's not all that unique a thing everyone has their own personal things to deal with in the daily stream of life. I guess what I'm here to rant about is being misunderstood. It happens to us all, I feel for me more than some...well possibly. I am the type of person who is pretty blunt and direct. I say what's on my mind and I say it like I mean it. It doesn't mean I hate you If it comes across negative its what I'm feeling at that particular moment. I'd rather live a life saying what I feel than a life full of things unsaid.  I have got to master the skill of thinking through everything I say before I say it, but at the same time I think that can often come across as insincere, practiced and phony. So I think I'd rather just, say what is in my heart and on my mind even if it hurts someone at the moment. This might seem harsh and unfeeling, but I am not one who is ashamed to admit I am wrong and apologize. I'm often wrong and I'm the first one to say it.

I was watching the funeral of Whitney Houston over the weekend. It was lovely they sent her away proper. At the same time I thought all the lovely things people said about her were wonderful, but at the same time I thought the good side of a person isn't all there is people are multifaceted. I know you might be asking what the fuck does this have to do with what I was talking about above. I'll try to explain.  I just feel like we live in a society especially nowadays; where people only want to hear the good things about themselves and others well at least superficially no one wants to be seen as the bad person or villain. and often others only want to listen to you if you agree with everything they say and do not object. I guess this is called being positive and not starting DRAMA.

Just maybe...maybe sometimes not being so positive about things is good just maybe DRAMA has a place. I mean if people had told Whitney she was an addict to her face and that she needed to do something desperately to change it just maybe she'd still be alive? Yes it probably start a lot of DRAMA, but in the end if she stopped and survived wouldn't it had been worth it? "The truth shall set you free."  I know it's human nature to be taken back by negative things people may have to say to and about you.  Also I know if a person is not ready to hear something about themselves they may take anything you say as negative even if it is meant with the greatest of intentions.

Personally I'd rather have a friend and family member be upset and angry with me over something truthful I said then to be happy with me over a lie I told them.

Anyway that's my rant.  I have a lot more thinking about this particular set of issues and topics. I do not have all the answers nor will I ever...but it is something to ponder...well at least makes me ponder.


Stardust lady stardust.....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lookalikes are hot.

Super cute guy that looks a bit like Ryan Gosling teaches you how to look like Ryan Gosling. haha

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ismael Alvarez

Had to share this.

"My grandmother told me once that when a person dies, their soul transforms back to the best of who they are. That means Whitney got her voice back and I'm sure she's happily singing to God now."

Saw it on a comment on one of Whitney Houston's videos. So sweet and beautiful had to share

How gorgeous is Adele!