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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tim Urban

Remember hottie Tim Urban from the 2010 season of American Idol?

He's still hot.

Oh chyeah!

"XFactor" vs "Voice" (My Critique)

I'm going to be honest about "XFactor" and "The Voice." I think "The Voice" is a lot more enjoyable to watch...well at least for me. I think on "Voice" you get to hear and see the auditions a lot better than you do on "XFactor." Who ever is editing, "XFactor" is doing a awful job. They show all these outdoor scene and scenarios of people talking and they show way to much of what the judges are doing before they make it to the auditioning location. Last night on "XFactor" it took them a half hour before they even showed anyone auditioning. I lost interest and was bored.  Also why do they make such a big ass deal about the judges showing up???? Does anyone really care too see that? These people are getting paid tons of money. So why does the viewer care to see them showing up? Just sit your asses down in the judges chairs and do what you are being paid to do. Unless Simon changes this show I won't be watching "XFactor" next year. Also IMHO "The Voice" is a much better show...hell American Idol is a much better show even with the random rotation of judges.

"Too Dumb for N.Y. Too Ugly for L.A."

Old pic, but it made me giggle when I came accross it on my computer the other day. Look how miserable I look being kissed by a pretty girl. I actually liked that particular girl at the time too and she's still a good friend.  Anyway more randomness from yours truly.Oh the hair I was going through a EMO phase...or I was trying to look like Joan Jett...not sure. Also the achne cleared up, thank you Jebus.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thank you!

Tap That Guy

Comic Book Hottie Is Back.

I'm a sad panda today because of 10 things...

1. I almost got killed at Super Kmart. 
2. My job is stressing me. 
3. My bf is out of town again and I miss him being here. 
4. I have a doctor appointment on Friday, Seeing the doctor always stresses me out.
5. I think I accidentally sent a sexual text to my Aunt Connie instead of to my bf. This happen like 20 minutes ago I called my bf and texted to see if he got it he hasn't texted me back. O_O So apparently I just told my aunt that I can't wait until she gets home so I can suck her cock...and do other gay sexual things to her. 
 6.I seriously think Mormons are trying to kill me. At least their Florida chapter..coven...cult...pack? idk 
7. I totally forgot how too do simple percentages using basic math. I seriously had to look it up on google. 
8. A really hot guy I see regularly at the gym I go to walked into the bathroom while I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself... whilst singing Florence & The Machines "Dog Days Are Over." Did I mention I had my shirt pulled up over my nipples and I was moving it side to side as i sung? O_O 
9. My dad told me that he wants to meet my bf when he gets back. Doesn't sound like a bad thing well unless you know my dad. Plus he's never asked to meet any other guys I've ever dated.
10. I have no idea what to post on my blog, I mean I could post more random hot guys...yes or not?

UPDATE My bf got the sexual 9 things. ty

The Answer aka Die Antwoord

Monday, September 24, 2012