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Monday, February 24, 2014

Love is Love Is Love


When someone is competing with you, but you're not competing.

Strange but it happens. You are in competition with someone unbeknown to you. It's crazy yes,  but some people are that competitive and in a really petty way. When you find out about this competition you're in that you have know idea existed. It's well...creepy, but makes you giggle in a way. Also the level of competition is so petty. It can range from who gets the bosses attention the most at work to my blog has more views than yours. 

Problem is I'm not a very competitive person. I should restate this. I am competitive, but only with myself. Meaning I try to do something better each time I do it. I like to win, but doesn't everyone. I love sports as well but doing them has always at least for me been a competition with myself to see how well I could get at the thing I have chosen to participate in.  

This quality use to drive my brothers, dad and my little sister crazy. My elder sister Jackie and me are very much a like in this aspect and my mom is as well. We like challenges, but it's never been to beat others out it's always been to see how well we can do as individuals whether we win or lose. Growing up with a very competitive Dad and 2 brothers is difficult when you're not like that, but they have learned to respect me and to know I am competing with myself to be accomplished and that being that way alone will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but will earn you respect.
I don't want to preach here, but I do think this needed to be said.

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