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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IS IT WRONG....?(not that I need permission lol)

That I think Roseanne Barr will get more votes from Blacks and Hispanics than Mitt Romney?

That anytime I see a gay Bear holding a beer I think it's urine?

That I think 80% of music put out in the last 5 years is pure crap?

That I think Kanye West will kill Kim Kardashian and bring forth the OJ trial for my generation?

That I truly think Bigfoot is real, mind you I don't believe he's llike Chewbaca, but more like a undiscovered species of Simian?

That I think Mormonism and Scientology will converge into one religion called Morontology?

That I think Myspace will become retro and make a come back?

That RSVP still confuses me.

That I like Glozell from youtube, but I don't think she is personally all that funny?

That I'm gay and never got the appeal of Britney Spears?

That I love fashion, but don't really dress all that impressively?

That I still believe in Jesus, but he's like a mixture of Dolly Parton and Tyler Perry's Madea in my head...with just a touch of Uncle Arthur from Bewitched?

That I have this weird food OCD where I can not eat three things of the same kind at the same time?
4 baby carrots yes 2 yes 1 yes 3 NOOO!

That I actually know who Philip Roth and Harper Lee are and I may have even read some of their books.

That I have never seen any of the "Men in Black" movies, but I know almost every line from the 1956 movie "The Bad Seed" by heart?

Haha that's it for be continued....maybe

Cute Spanish Guys...Call Me Maybe

Thursday, June 21, 2012