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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Face Of 2012-2013 HENRY CAVILL

To be honest no other man had a chance. I adore Henry Cavill I think he's physical perfection. He is my choice for Face Of The Year, Face Of The Ages. He is truly a real Superman. IMHO.

Thursday, December 20, 2012



12. Donald Trump: You are the king of douches, Lord of attention whores,  you have a parasite on your head that you dare to call a hairstyle which may have possibly worked itself into your brain causing you to say the dumbest shit imaginable.

11. Lindsay Lohan: I don't have much to say about you, except this... GINGER BITCH HEAL THY SELF!

10.Gangnam Style: I don't believe the world is coming to a end tomorrow, but if by any chance it does you will ironically be the theme song  by which humanity goes out on, congratulations.

9. Taylor Swift: a paradox... a girl who dates serially breaks up writes hit songs about it all who manages to oddly keep a wholesome persona about herself. You creep me out and your vagina must taste like cock based on the men you date.

8. The Kardashians: So easy to dislike, but you all are still so successful. You've managed to make vapid,  empty headed, superficial  ideals a family business.You are like a modern day Borgia without the pomp, artistic patronage, power and history.

7. KONY 2012:  Your intentions were good, to capture a horrible man that was destroying the lives of children and families. You gave something for people of my generation and younger to believe and fight for albeit via modern technology, I saw it as a good thing something to focus on besides ourselves.. Then it ended in crazyness and obscurity and gave a lot of young people who wanted something to believe in and fight for another reason not to want to care or think about anything beyond their own world. IMHO I think you damaged a lot of sincere young peoples optimism about the world that they could make change do something; and you didn't even really apologize for it and become about one man Jason Russell and not all the people your organization disappointed...and for that you are on my most annoying list for 2012.

6.  THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AS A WHOLE:  Not all, but a lot of your ideals are so last century, you don't respect the diversity that is our country and the world  You'd rather destroy the entire country to maintain the status quo than to move on accept change and prosper, and for that you are all ANNOYING.

5, Twilight: I'm glad you have ended, now fuck off.

4. The 2012 Presidential Election: I like the outcome, but the process, the political ads, the lie after lie after lie. I was so glad when it all ended you gave me stress and anger and the whole process was fucking annoying. Like president Obama said about the way we vote, register to vote and count votes "we gotta fix that" Yes we do and the entire fucking election process!

3. Britney Spears: All that money you got paid to be on XFactor and I couldn't even watch the show. I was so bored to tears. Britney I've seen more animation in a hand shoved up a puppets ass than you. What is wrong with you Britney, seriously? I don't think you are OK. Also why is XfactorUK so wonderful and magical, but the US version is complete SHITE?

2. Dr. OZ: I like you and I think you are very informative, but one question...what the fuck can we eat?

1. The Hostess Snack Cake People: Seriously bitches, I don't care about the cakes I didn't eat that stuff, but you let the company go under just so the big CEO's and Execs could get paid more you threw people out of work and ended a company that had been around for generations for greed, this so echos what some want to happen with the fiscal cliff, FUCKING GREEDY BASTARDS..