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Friday, November 25, 2011

Roberto Bolle (Ballerino)

I love to dance (just not Ballet) at one time I was placed in ballet. I say placed because it wasn't really my choice or my desire I would have preferred taking karate or gymnastics at the time. I have a very persuasive grand mother who was once a dancer herself (now an instructor) who Toddler and Tiaraed me into it for lack of better words. She believed I had the perfect body frame for a ballerino I was thin, angular and she saw that I was very flexible from watching me play. I never liked it or I should say I never had a passion for it like she did, or how a lot of the other kids in my ballet classes did....Adagio, Arabesque, Barre, Batterie all seemed to run together and confuse me. I believe as well as many others that you have to have a passion for something to be truly  spectacular at it.  Even with saying all this I still keep up with Ballet, but as a Fan I respect the art the dancers (especially the dancers) the craft, the hard work and physical strength, pain, endurance that goes into this beautiful art.

Roberto Bolle is a God among Gods in the Ballet world he is truly poetry in motion, his body is sheer perfection. Also and maybe this is just my homosexual side talking, but the man is fucking hot. Yes if you haven't guessed I'm a fan. He makes me think I should have stayed in ballet if only to have possibly had a chance to be in his presence. Eh a boy can dream can't he.

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