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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm a sad panda today because of 10 things...

1. I almost got killed at Super Kmart. 
2. My job is stressing me. 
3. My bf is out of town again and I miss him being here. 
4. I have a doctor appointment on Friday, Seeing the doctor always stresses me out.
5. I think I accidentally sent a sexual text to my Aunt Connie instead of to my bf. This happen like 20 minutes ago I called my bf and texted to see if he got it he hasn't texted me back. O_O So apparently I just told my aunt that I can't wait until she gets home so I can suck her cock...and do other gay sexual things to her. 
 6.I seriously think Mormons are trying to kill me. At least their Florida chapter..coven...cult...pack? idk 
7. I totally forgot how too do simple percentages using basic math. I seriously had to look it up on google. 
8. A really hot guy I see regularly at the gym I go to walked into the bathroom while I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself... whilst singing Florence & The Machines "Dog Days Are Over." Did I mention I had my shirt pulled up over my nipples and I was moving it side to side as i sung? O_O 
9. My dad told me that he wants to meet my bf when he gets back. Doesn't sound like a bad thing well unless you know my dad. Plus he's never asked to meet any other guys I've ever dated.
10. I have no idea what to post on my blog, I mean I could post more random hot guys...yes or not?

UPDATE My bf got the sexual 9 things. ty

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