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Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Things I didn't Like about 2013

To be fair there were more things I liked in 2013, but that list would be long and so boring. Here are 5 things I didn't like about 2013 in no particular order.( most of this, but not all is tongue and cheek y'all.)

1. Legitimate news seeming obsession with showing non news worthy viral videos ( cute kitten pushes other cute kitten down stairs is not a MUST SEE) I have the internet for that, showing viral videos doesn't make you look cool Legit News Networks. Maybe you could cover something else like I don't know...our troops still in Iraq and Afghanistan or perhaps global warming issues?

2. This is related to the first one, but the media's obsession with Miley Cyrus. ENOUGH PLEASE!

3.The fact that my skin happens to be white in 2013 I'm less likely to be seen as a threat and killed walking home from the store with a ice tea and skittles in my pocket. The fact that if my car stops and I have no cell service I'm less likely to be shot in the face because I dare to knock at a strangers house to ask for help 

4. Jennifer Lawrence don't get me wrong she's cute and all and her attitude and conversation is some what refreshing in Hollywood, but I guess I'm not all that impressed I don't dislike her as much as I dislike the media's  obsession and awe with her.  I know a lot of women/girls like Jennifer they just don't all happen to be world famous. She's not that unique personality wise.

5. International Olympic Committee

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