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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Egocentric predicament

As a living creature I have a right to complain, whether that right be given to me by birth or self proclamation. All animals probably complain as well we just can't always decipher the language, but trust me If you are mean enough to pour salt on a slug or snail that sizzle is a big snail FUCK YOU.

 With this right to complain said... all other individuals whether they be man or beast have just as much right to ignore, avoid and not listen to you. So accept it and complain with yourself or the great mist that is the universe...(mist omg it's way to fucking early in the morning I sound like an asshole.) So what am I going to complain about?

 "GOOD WILL HUNTING" Yes that movie made a long time ago by Matt Damon and Ben Afleck. I finally got to watch it the other night after all these years of people talking about it and hearing about it. When it first came out I was like 7 maybe 8 and wasn't interested in such movies. I finally got to see it and it wasn't a bad movie at all and as intellectual and mathy as the movie is I was a bit bored. I did like Minnie Driver she was gorgeous, and why isn't she in more movies what happen to her? More Minnie Driver please.I would suggest the movie to others, especially most people who most likely have way more grey matter than I.

  hmmm what else do I want to bitch and complain about.
  oh oh oh ok. Coming out why is it that when celebs do this it's greeted with so much happiness and star fuckerism? Yes, i'm not a complete meanie it's great they are being honest with themselves and others and that they have found love I applaud that along with the rest of the star fuckers. Here is my issue....a person who is financially independent, has the love of all their fans, has fan pages dedicated to them does not have it as hard as the 19 year old kid sometimes much younger from no where who is not financially independent, but who still has the bravery not to half ass it with veils of vague sexual identification markers, who comes out as GAY no substitute . Those are my heros that gay person that risks everything, being rejected by family, that gay person who doesn't have fan pages dedicated to them telling them how terrific and hot they are. That is true bravery that is something to applaud and celebrate. With that said I'm done with this issue I've already got a cyber bitching out about it, so there it is  Also I want to add I know celebs/famous people are human beings as well, who need love, have fears, often get hurt, cry, laugh. I'm not saying they shouldn'i celebrate things in their lives, they should as we all should.  I just get tired of people who have it so much better than most being overly celebrated for things, that us "regular" people often never get acknowledged for.

 Oh one more thing to complain about....century Link, you suck, your phone service sucks, your billing policies suck, no one needs a landline anymore anyway so why are you such assholes? Goodbye Century Link you Corporate demons. I'm done XD

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