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Monday, December 2, 2013

Mini Rant Bisexuality

I do think bisexuality does exist, I think very few people are actually truly bi. I think Bi is used as a transitioning label for a lot of young gay people. I think the gay community needs another labe/word for that time when you are discovering what you like sexually. It muddies the waters for people who are truly bisexual when some use it as a transitioning label for themselves and others. Yeah labels I use to be one of those I hate labels people, but I realized things sometimes have to be labeled so that you can know and find out where the fuck you are at, and where the fuck you are going. Anyway this rant was inspired by Tom Daley's video. I wouldn't call it a coming out video, because I think one needs to come out to themselves first before they come out to others. Not hating not judging, just my humble opinion.

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