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Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Things I don't care for this month aka First world issues.

1. Sochi Olympics. Love the participants dislike the IOC and PUTIN.

2. Grown ass professional sports athletes who still tease each other in the locker rooms like they are in Jr. High. Some of them beat their wives/gfs, have numerous baby mama's that's ok, but one of them comes out as gay and there is a problem. Question to pro athletics; these athletes are so spoiled and mostly get everything they want. Why is it in 2014 they are all still taking after game showers in open shower rooms and not private shower cubicals? I even get that at the local gym I go to and I'm not even a member I use my dads membership.

3. Whole Foods....issues with them to numerous to mention.

4. Websites I love who change formats/layouts, (their perogative, admittedly.) Not all of us love facebook, and twitter, Wow wow is all i have to say about that. ^_^

5. Footlocker...because they charge 3 times more for a shoe I could easily get at the Nikey Store.

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